Happy Piranha are Going to London Film & Comic Con and YALC

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Happy Piranha are Going to London Film & Comic Con and YALC

That’s right, YALC / London Film and Comic Con is going to be our first big bookish and geeky gathering!

After a very busy Christmas period and lots of 2am finishes, we’re excited to be starting a new year at Happy Piranha HQ.

We’re also releasing a new design in a February bookish box and have some exciting new product ideas in the pipeline.

YALC / London Film & Comic Con (27th to 29th July)

We did it. We reserved our tables for London Film & Comic Con. We’re looking forward to bringing Happy Piranha from online to IRL for a few days.

So, if you’re popping along too, or are upstairs at YALC, come and say hi! We’ll be in the Comic Con area but your tickets let you roam all over the show.

Young Adult Literature Con UKWe’ll definitely be running upstairs to try and spot some bookstagram buddies. It’s going to be an awesome opportunity for us to meet some of our friends and followers in person.

We’ll be sure to have some new designs ready (maybe even some new products), as well as some fun competitions and prizes. If you have any ideas for what we can do to make it more awesome in true Happy Piranha style, let us know!

If you haven’t got your tickets yet, the film and TV guests are looking pretty incredible. There are some amazing actors from Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, Star Wars, Justice League and (to our delight) a good chunk of the cast of Battle Star Galactica. SO SAY WE ALL!

Some of the confirmed names include: Jason Momoa (Aquaman /Khal Drogo), Pearl Mackie (Doctor Who), Vladimir Furdik (The White Walker King), Rory McCann (The Hound) and Katee Sackhoff (Riddick, Battle Star Galactica). You can find a full list on the London Film & Comic Con website, there’s too many awesome ones to name!

Most importantly, come and say hi!

The Bookie Box February

The bookie box | Photo by @nomiliaWe’re also pleased to announce that our first new scented candle design of the year will be released in February’s The Bookie Box.

The boxes theme is Kingdoms and Dark Secrets.

We were asked by Julia to come up with something inspired by royalty and have an idea we’re pretty excited about based on a badass queen.

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone’s unboxings when they start to ship at the end of February. Make sure you tag us @happypiranha so that we can share the love.


New Year New Ideas

After we’d finished dressing up as Ghostbusters to celebrate the New Year, we sat down to think about what we’ll be doing next.

We’ve decided a broad theme to base our upcoming designs around. The theme is ‘Gods and Monsters’. We’ve got loads of ideas bubbling away based on kings and queens, deities, mythology, Old Norse, scary things, dark and light and more.

We like the idea of having a theme to base things under, which may develop into their own distinct ranges. This one is going to be all about strong individuals, the hunt for power and knowledge and the fine line between what makes us good and evil.

We’re also investigating some entirely new products that we hope to bring to the store in the not so distant future. We can’t say 100% what these will be yet, as we have a bajillion things we want to do and only a couple of pairs of hands to make it happen (did someone say an exclusive Happy Piranha loot box?). Anyways, watch this space.

Thanks for making it an awesome year

Finally, we’d like to say another huge thank you to all our reps, friends, followers and customers who’ve made this year even better than the last. We really couldn’t do it without your help and enthusiasm.

It makes all the Royal Mail Christmas delays, sifting through postage receipts and pouring wax way past our bedtime worth the while.

Josh and Sam dressed as the Ghostbusters for New Years.

As a reward, here’s a picture of us dressed as Ghostbusters (left and right).

We secretly fixed a Bluetooth speaker in our friends costume so that we could play the theme tune.

If you didn’t get the stranger things reference from our Instagram story, we named our backpacks ‘Dyson Demogorgons’ and the guns ‘demogorgon 2000’s’ after the scary creatures from the series.

Josh and I also both went as Venkman, just as Lucas and Mike argued over in the awesome Halloween scene at the end of season one.

For reference, Josh hates it when I dress the same as him. I shaved my beard the same as him to see if he noticed recently and he wasn’t a very Happy Piranha.

Over and out Piranhas!



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