12 Christmas Gifts For Hard to Buy For People That Already Have Everything

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12 Christmas Gifts For Hard to Buy For People That Already Have Everything

We all have those hard to buy for friends and family members, the ones that never tell you what they want or already seem to have everything they need. When it comes to Christmas time that can be a pain… don’t worry though, we’ve got you covered. Here’s 12 gift ideas for that hard to buy for person.

1. A  T Rex skull

T Rex skull ornament | Happy Piranha

Let’s face it, who doesn’t want a T Rex skull adorning their home? This realistic looking skull will turn any room from looking stark to Jurassic park.

It comes in various sizes too, so not having a coffee table big enough isn’t an excuse. If they’re a really great friend, buy them a big one, if they’re more of a casual acquaintance, buy them a small one. It’s the ultimate universal Christmas gift from the cretaceous period.

  • Price: £21.95 to £110 (depending on the size).
  • Three sizes: Small, large and extra large.

2. Some storage boxes disguised as books

Book storage boxes | Happy Piranha

Now, you friend may have everything, but do they have someplace secret to put it? That’s where these storage boxes disguised as books come in handy.

They come in three designs: Horror, adventure and cards so that you’ve got your friend covered whatever their genre.

Everyone likes a secret hiding place for their shinies.

  • Price: £41.95 to £47.95 (depending on the set).
  • Three designs: Horror, adventure and playing cards.

3. A really cool moving cogs wall clock

Moving cogs wall clock | Happy Piranha


There’s no gift more special to give on Christmas than the gift of time. Here it is encapsulated in a really cool wall clock with moving cogs.

Everyone has a clock, yes, but hardly anyone has one as awesome as this. It makes a great talking point and its timeless design will fit into any room from classy living space to greasy workshop and dirty old man cave.

If you previously thought clocks were boring, you won’t be able to stop watching these ones tik tok along.

4. An octopus citrus reamer / lemon squeezer

Octo the octopus lemon squeezer | Happy Piranha

Now, maybe your friend hasn’t told you what they want for Christmas. Maybe they also haven’t told you that they are also really bad at reaming lemons and squeezing citrus fruits. Why would they? No one wants to admit to that, it’s embarrassing.

That’s why you need to buy them Octo, the friendliest reamer of them all. No longer do your friends have to worry about their secret weakness, because you’ve given them the tool to help them compensate.

When life gives you lemons, give you friends a lemon squeezer for Christmas.

  • Price: £9.95 - that's under ten squid!

5. A set of Russian stacking skulls

Skeleton Russian doll set | Happy Piranha

What says happy Christmas more than a set of Russian stacking dulls with skulls on them? Nothing. We bet your friend doesn’t already have these.

Now, with your thoughtful and giving nature, they can decorate their home in morbid eastern European style too.

Stuff the stacking Santas, stacking skulls are the new thing this season.

  • Price: £9.95 

6. A mini dinosaur lamp

 Mini stegosaurus dinosaur lamp | Happy Piranha

If your friend has left you in the dark about what they want for Christmas, give them the gift of light.

We all know that there’s no better source of light than one that comes from a cute, origami style dinosaur. These mini dinosaur lamps come in several designs too, so if they’re not a pink stegosaurus kind of person there’s a T Rex, Diplodocus and Triceratops one too!

  • Price: £9.95
  • Four designs: Stegosaurus, diplodocus, T Rex and Triceratops. 

7. An octopus candle holder

Silver octopus candlestick holder | Happy Piranha

If the person you’re buying for this Christmas already has everything they need, remember, it’s no fun if it’s all in the dark where they can’t see it.

Have no fear; this octopus candle stick holder will hold all the candles they need to illuminate all of their stuff.

Unless they’re a scrooge they’ll probably have some candles to light for Christmas and this little fella will make sure they’re held safe and high.

8. A gentry rhino bust

Now, if you were one of the few people whose friend already has the Russian stacking skulls, we ensure you that they won’t have this glorious gift, a monochrome gentry rhino bust.

He’ll add some exotic, regal style to any living space and guard over all those things they already have. He makes for an interesting piece for that quirky friend who’s hard to buy for.

If they didn’t tell you they wanted this, it’s because they didn’t know it existed. When they find out it does exist (because you’ve bought it for them for Christmas) they’ll be thanking you to the high heavens.

  • Price: £23.50

9. A golden parrot ornament

Golden parrot ornament | Happy Piranha

While doves and Turkeys are the general birds of Christmas, don’t forget the majesty of the humble parrot. Remind your friend of that with this golden parrot ornament.

Sitting on a wooden perch, this golden bird will add an element of curiosity and bling to your friend’s apartment, something which it may have been lacking before.

Do they like birds, or shiny things? Or are you just stuck for what to get them? Then get them this.

  • Price: £29.95

10. The Tea Sub tea diffuser

Tea submarine tea diffuser | Happy Piranha

Now lots of people drink tea, especially at Christmas time when it’s cold outside. Christmas is also the time when people tend to crack out those speciality loose leaf teas.

If you don’t want your good friend to miss out on such festive frivolities, they’ll need a tea diffuser to join in. That’s where the Tea Sub comes in – the ultimate deep tea exploration machine.

  • Price: £8.95

12. Some novel coasters

Pokeball coasters | Happy Piranha

Almost everyone has some kind of table where they sit down to drink their coffee or eat their dinner at, that’s why coasters are a great gift for that hard to buy for person.

What’s better than any old coaster though? One with a design on of something they like.

Check out these ones.

  • Price: From £2.95 each

12. A scented candle

Scented candles | Happy Piranha

Nothing says Christmas like a cosy atmosphere and your favourite smells. That’s why a scented candle could be the perfect gift for that friend that’s hard to buy for this Christmas.

What’s better than any old scented candle though? An original design, hand poured scented candle, forged in the Happy Piranha wax works in Truro, Cornwall.

With an array of scents and designs to choose from, there’s one to match everyone.

When they’re sitting at home this Christmas and one of our hand-picked scents wafts across their nose, they’ll think of you and remember the thoughtful gift you bought them.

Find a gift?

Hopefully, you found something fit for a Christmas gift on this list. If not... well, maybe they are the person that has everything.

Just to be sure though, check out the rest of our loot at Happy Piranha!

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