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Gear Up: Fashionable Clothing and Gift Ideas for the Chic Geek

Looking for a geeky gift that’s as useful as it is quirky? Here are some gift ideas to help gear up the chic geek. These fashionable finds exude nerdy without just sitting on the shelf.

1. Headgear for every occasion

Headgear at Happy Piranha

If you’re adventuring outdoors, you’ll want the appropriate bit of headgear; whether that’s a stylish piece to give you maximum charisma points, or a sturdy helm to keep you warm in blustery questing conditions.

At Happy Piranha we’ve got an array of snapback and baseball style caps to make sure you’re repping your favourite fandom while maintaining maximum style points.

If you want to keep cosy, cool and Kawaii at the same time, these Pokemon beanie hats are pretty awesome. If you’re pointy ears are feeling cold, these Zelda elf earmuffs will keep them snug. This Mario Japanese Katakana snapback cap rocks some Osaka style and this Hulk flat peak looks rather smashing.

 2. A Bag to Carry your loot

Backpacks at Happy Piranha

There’s nothing worse than going to a dungeon (or the supermarket) and not having enough bag space to fit all your gear, loot and groceries in.

Better than a bag that simply fits things in though, is one that also looks awesome and celebrates your favourite fandom too.

Even Supreme Leader Snoke would find this Star Wars First Order backpack trendy.  When you’re venturing through Hyrule these Zelda bags will fit in just perfect and, if you’re looking for a loyal bag companion, this Jake face Adventure time backpack will always have your back.

 3. Gloves and a scarf to keep you warm

Gloves and scarfs at Happy Piranha

Sometimes on your adventures outdoors you’ll need to battle the elements. It can get cold out there. That’s why a scarf and gloves are a good idea.

This Jigglypuff scarf will keep you looking pretty in pastels while declaring your love for Pokemon. This Adventure time scarf is perfect for snuggling down and watching Netflix in and this Link themed Zelda scarf will help you look both spritely and chic on a blustery day.

If you’re looking to keep your hands warm while maintaining maximum dexterity, these Adventure Time fingerless gloves are the piece of equipment/

4. A purse to keep your gold coins in

Wallets and purses at Happy Piranha

The last thing you want to happen when stumbling upon a travelling merchant, or going for a brew at the local Inn… or getting in a cheeky Nandos, is to forget your cash. You’ll need a coin purse (or wallet) that is fit for the job.

If you’re looking for some magical protection, these Harry Potter wallets and purses are both charming and useful. These Superhero wallets will hold your gold (and plastic) with superhuman efficiency and these Star Wars wallets will keep your credits safe with full force. We even have Zelda wallets to store your rupees and Mario purses to collect your gold coins.

5. Some jewellery for +5 magic points

Jewellery at Happy Piranha

No set of geek gear is complete without some bling for those extra magic points. Nothing says magic like a bit of Harry potter. Whether it’s a simple yet cute bowtruckle pin badge or Swarovski crystal snitch, we’ve got you covered. If you’re a Zelda fan, this stud earring set will equip your ears with all the gear you need for an adventure; from extra hearts, to swords and boomerangs. If you like a bit of Lord of The Rings, you'll need a Lorien leaf pin badge to prove you're in the Fellowship.

 6. Everyone needs socks

Finally, everyone needs socks, even the most noble of heroes. And the cosiest socks are ones which go right up to your knees while playing some Nintendo. That’s where these Link, Yoshi and Meowth socks come up trumps.

Hopefully, we’ve given you some gift ideas for helping you or your friends gear up to become a pretty chic geek.  Because why simply celebrate the things you love when can wear them too!

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