Festive scents: Our 10 scented candles for a cosy Christmas atmosphere 2018

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Festive scents: Our 10 scented candles for a cosy Christmas atmosphere 2018

Christmas is a time of warmth, cosines and good smells. Scented candles tick all three of those boxes! Here’s 10 scented candle picks from our range that we’re looking forward to burning this Christmas.

Ogden’s Fire Whiskey

Our Ogden’s Fire Whiskey scented candle plumes warming, spicy scents of apple and cinnamon – a combination that makes us think of Christmas indeed! It’s a great scent for creating a subtle, warm and cozy atmosphere without being too overpowering.

Pic by @hannahreadstoomuch

Ogden's Fire Whiskey scented candle by Happy Piranha. Pic by @hannahreadstoomuch


Following along the warm and cosy theme, our Courage candle boasts scents of warm cocoa, log fire and cinnamon swirl – perfect scents to reminisce about warm winter evenings indoors by the fire.

We love some warm cocoa and cinnamon swirls on a winters evening. Nothing makes a Christmas atmosphere like sitting by the fire with a steaming hot drink.

Pic by @demmi_writist

Courage scented candle by Happy Piranha. Pic by @demmi_writist

Futterwacken and Upelkuchen

What else is great on a winter’s day while you’re snuggled up indoors? Coffee and chocolate! Our Futterwacken and Upelkuchen scented candle is a sweet, smooth and moreish choca-mocha scent. Cocoa or coffee, which do you prefer? We’re a morning coffee and an evening cocoa piranha.

Pic by @kamilareads

Futterwacken and Upelkuchen scented candle. Pic by @kamilareads.

Polyjuice Potion

Polyjuice Potion is one of our favourite scents - amaretto, love it or hate it! The nostalgic marzipan-like, almond smell reminds us of Christmas cakes and biscuits. Some of you may also like a tipple of the similar smelling liqueur on a cold Christmas eve!

Pic by @aweasleyinmiddleearth

Polyjuice potion scented candle by Happy Piranha. Pic by @aweasleyinmiddleearth

Girl on Fire

There’s no citrus scent that gives a more Christmassy atmosphere than clementine. Our girl on fire candle mixes this iconic Christmas smell with another iconic Christmas smell – ginger, and adds a hint of orange for good measure. The perfect scent to add a cozy, zesty atmosphere to your living room.

Pic by @sammys_shelf

Girl on Fire scented candle by Happy Piranha. Pic by @sammysshelf

Unicorn Tears

Now Christmas isn’t a time for crying, but we all know that unicorns cry tears of joy. Our Unicorn Tears scented candle plumes nostalgic scents of parma violets with subtle, floral scents of peach and jasmine. Who remembers getting parma violet sweets in your stocking for Christmas? We do!

Pic by @lunireads

Unicorn Tears scented candle by Happy Piranha. Pic by @lunireads

The Greatest Show on Earth

Now Christmas is a time of celebration and who gets the celebratory atmosphere on point? The Circus! Our Greatest Show on Earth scented candle is a celebration of the weird, wacky and fun and its sweet toffee apple scents conjures up festive memories with good company. Nom nom nom!

Pic by @incaseofbookishness

Greatest Show on Earth scented candle by Happy Piranha. Pic by @incaseofbookishness

Every Fragranced Candle

Now, if you’re not set on just one scent, or you’re not sure what to choose, have no fear! Our Every Fragranced Candle tea light set is a (non-edible) chocolate box of smells! There 12 different scents to explore from peppermint swirl, to rhubarb and custard and baked apple pie. A Christmas atmosphere is all about fun and this is definitely one of our most fun items from our candle range.


If you like the tea light set idea, you may also like our Unicorn Farts, Waxtasia and Quiet Night in tea light sets too!

Pic by @novelheartbeat

Happy Piranha's Every Scented Candles. Pic by @novelheartbeat

Rost’s Cabin

Moving away from the sweet and moreish smells to the fresh and fruity, our Rost’s cabin scented candle is another cosy Christmas smell, boasting warming scents of ginger and orange. Anyone who doesn’t smell ginger on a Christmas holiday is probably doing something wrong, while the citrusy orange hints will subtly cut through with fresh and fruity backdrop to your Christmas celebrations.

Merry Christmas

If all you’re really wanting is a good old traditional Christmas smell, then don’t worry, we have the candle for you too! Our Merry Christmas candle plumes nostalgic, festive and hearty scents of mistletoe and mulled wine. What’s more Christmassy a smell than that!? It also doubles u as  a great gift from friends and family too.

Mistletoe and mulled wine Merry Christmas scented candle by Happy Piranha.

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