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February FairyLoot Friends! [Video]

This February Happy Piranha were lucky enough to feature in the Fairyloot bookish subscription box. 

For all the bibliophiles & bookworms out there, this February Happy Piranha had the awesome opportunity of working with the lovely Fairyloot and being part of their amazing ''Emperors and Fugitives'' bookish subscription box!

We had the pleasure of designing a full size ''Kalusian sunset'' limited edition scented candle, which was named by the author of February's book, ''Empress of a thousand Skies'' RhodaBelleza.

This Fairyloot box had some great items in from a variety of talented people. You can see the full list of items on our collaborations page.

You can also check out some of  the un-boxing pictures on instagram or watch the youtube review by Coffee Chatter below. 

We've also making a board of our favorite images on Pinterest.

Thanks Fairyloot for this great opportunity!

From Josh@HappyPiranha


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