February Fairy Friends! [Video]

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February Fairy Friends! [Video]

Bookish Gifts, Rhoda Belleza, Candles & Reading Heaven!

For all the bibliophiles & bookworms out there, this February Happy Piranha had the awesome opportunity of working with the lovely @fairyloot and being part of their amazing ''Emperors and Fugitives'' bookish subscription box!

We had the pleasure of designing a full size ''Kalusian sunset'' limited edition scented candle, which was named by the author of February's book, ''Empress of a thousand Skies''. @RhodaBelleza

Their box had some great items in from a variety of talented people. You can check out some of  the un-boxing pictures on instagram or watch this youtube review by Coffee Chatter below. 

We've also making a board of our favorite images on Pinterest.

Thanks Fairy Loot for this great opportunity!

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