Black Friday Deals: Free Gifts!

Black Friday Deals: Free Gifts!

This Black Friday, we're giving away free gifts to customers that spend a certain amount from now until 6th December. Find out how to claim them below.

These items are limited availability, so once they've all been claimed, they're gone!

How it works

If you spend £25, £35, £45, £65, £75 or £95+, you will unlock a free gift, if you enter one of the codes below. With each spending tier you reach with your order, you'll unlock more codes and more free gift options to choose from! 

To claim your gift you simply need to:

  • Place an order on our store for one of the spending tiers (£25 or more).
  • Enter one of the codes below, to claim the gift associated with it.
  • We'll take £0.01 off your order to confirm the code has worked and send you the item relating to the code you entered!
  • If there's a choice of gifts for the code you entered, make sure you let us know which one you want in your order notes.

If you're buying from our brick and mortar store in Truro, Cornwall, just let us know which item you'd like when paying at the counter.

The free gift options

Here are the free gifts you can receive and the codes you need to enter to get them. Remember, you'll need to enter the code and achieve the spending limit when making your order to claim them (one code per order).

For orders of £25 or more

£25 Black Friday gift tier | Happy Piranha

One item from the following:

  • An Adventure Time keychain (choice of Jake, Lumpy Space Princess and Finn) - Code: SUPERADV19
  • A Super Mario Dry Bones Keychain - Code: DRYBONES19
  • Dome Crushers the card game - Code: CRUSHEM19

For orders of £35 or more

Black Friday £35 Gift Tier | Happy Piranha

Any one item from the £25 tier, or:

  • Romans Go Home card game - Code: ROMEHOME19
  • A Zelda Keychain (choice of wingcrest design or ocarina design)- Code: SKYWARD19
  • A Star Wars Keychain (choice of Darth Vader, Kylo Ren and BB8)- Code: THEFORCE19
  • Pug in a mug tea diffuser - Code: PUGPUG19

For orders of £45 or more

Black Friday £45 Gift Tier | Happy Piranha

Any one item from the £25 or £35 tier, or:

  • Codinca the board game - Code: CODINCA19
  • Sponsio the card game - Code: SPONSIO19
  • 2 Super Mario luggage tags (choice of yoshi egg, boo, mushroom and question block) - Code: SHYGUY19

For orders of £65 or more

Black Friday £65 Gift Tier | Happy Piranha

Any one item from the £25, £35 or £45 tier, or:

  • Nomads the board game - Code: NOMADS19
  • Star Wras Timeline card game - Code: TIMELINE19
  • A metal Harry Potter broomstick bookmark (choice of Harry or Hermione) - Code: BROOMS19

For orders of £75 or more

Black Friday £75 Gift Tier | Happy Piranha

Any one item from the £25, £35, £45 or £65 tier, or:

  • Pickle Rick the board game - Code: PICKLEMAS19
  • A Super Mario coin purse (choice of Yoshi egg, mushroom or quesiton block) - Code: YOSHIEGGS19

For orders of £95 or more

Any two items from any of the tiers above, just let us know which in your order note - Code: 2FORCHRISTMAS

Terms and conditions

  • To receive a free gift you must place an order for one of the spending limits stated above AND enter a code that is unlocked for that spending limit (or a spending limit below it).
  • Free gifts are subject to availability, while stocks last. Once a gift is out of stock, the associated code will no longer be valid.
  • You may only use one code per order. You may order more than once and use a code each time.
  • The gift code only applies to the value of the order you are using it for.
  • If you enter a code where a choice of item designs is available, please leave a note of which design you'd prefer in the notes section  of your order.
  • If the item design you requested is out of stock, we'll send you another item from that codes category.
  • This offer runs from 10 November 2019 until 12am, 06 December 2019. 

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