A Game of Candles, Whimsify Box & Instagram Friends [May Update]

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A Game of Candles, Whimsify Box & Instagram Friends [May Update]

Hello Happy Piranha's! There's Been a Lot Going on in May!

Much to Happy Piranha's excitement the May Whimsify boxes have been arriving to peoples homes, we have two new Game of Thrones inspired candles, a new art print and more great Instagram friends to share!

How Cool is this? @lemosmarion on Instagram

@lemosmarion on instagram with our Polyjuice Potion Harry Potter inspired candle

We're loving the special effects in this instagram by @lemosmarion on Instagram with our Polyjuice Potion Scented Candle. Check out her blog Chaotic Trend!

We're always super excited to see images of and blogs about your loot and love sharing them, so let us know if you do!

Remember to tag #happypiranha on instagram so we can feature you in our gallery and @happypiranha on twitter and facebook so we can share you with our friends!

A Game of Thrones and Candles

Westerosi Wildifre - a game of thrones inspired candle by Happy Piranha - happypiranha.com

We've been creating some Game of Thrones inspired designs recently, the first of which is our Westerosi Wildfire Scented Candle!

The latest volatile concoction, carefully crafted by the alchemists guild has a fluorescent green colour that is rumored to be a sign of its devastatingly destructive properties, perfect for sinking an invading fleet!

Don't worry its very safe, but devilishly pretty and packs a fragrant punch of peppermint and lemongrass. It's also the first candle to use our new fluorescent green coloured wax!
The next design we are working on is a House Greyjoy inspired candle - you can see the start of our Iron Fleet design in the blogs banner. There'll also be something sparkly and new that we haven't used before in this one so keep an eye out!

Whimsify Box: Have you Unboxed Yours Yet?

SammyLouise40's instagram of her whimsify unboxing and our Manon from the Throne of Glass candle

We're excited to see that May's Whimsify Boxes have began to arrive at peoples doors! This one features our custom designed pomegranate and white fig scented candle in honor of Manon from the Throne of Glass series. 

We really enjoy seeing your unboxing videos and pictures, so make sure to use the #whimsifybox tag on instagram and tag us on @happypiranha with your amazing pictures!

Again: A Huge Thank You & Let's Work Together!

As always we're amazed by the talent and support of all of our friends and customers we've met on social media and more and are extremely grateful for your support.

We have also really enjoyed working with our friends from loot boxes and would love to do more of this kind of thing - so get in touch if that's your jam!

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