9 Instagrammers We Love Right Now Pt3 [Pictures]

9 Instagrammers We Love Right Now Pt3 [Pictures]

Here's 9 Instagrammers We Love [pt3]

Here's the third and final part of some Instagrammers we love right now.

Firstly, we may have lied a little about it being 9 instagrammers ... and squashed ten in! We couldn't help ourselves - there's just so many great feeds! If you're not on this one there'll, definitely be more to come in the future!  Keep on using #happypiranha so we can see and share them with the world and in our gallery!  You can also find us on Twitter and Pinterest!


Happy Piranhas Wing Leader Candly - photo by @myfriendsarefiction@myfriendsarefiction may not need an introduction if you're familiar with #bookstagram - she has quite an impressive collection of followers!

It's not surprising considering the quality and regularity of her bookish posts. They are always carefully laid out with a large variety and depth of items to catch the eye and brilliant colour complementing items.

We've chosen this picture she's taken of our Wingleader scented candle, inspired by Manon Blackbeak from A Throne of Glass book series, but definitely check out her Instagram to see some amazingly bountiful photos that will make you want to buy bookish goods!

You can also find My Friends Are Fiction on Twitter  and on her blog  - which features Young Author (YA) book reviews , interviews and more!


Fairy loot scented candle by Happy Piranha - image by @incaseofbookishness@incaseofbookishness has been someone who's support we've been very appreciative of from when we first started, both on Instagram and Twitter .

We're a big fan of her well lit and colourful bookish compositions! Joanne was also a keen advocate of team bubblegum on our poll to vote for the scent of our Greatest Show On Earth scented candle! We really enjoyed that and want to do more votes in the future now!

We've chosen her picture of our Kalusian Sunset scented candle here because we love how the colours stand out against her well organised and colour coded books and her immaculate shelf in the background! We made this candle as an exclusive for the February Fairy Loot Box.

If you're a fan of Joanna like us, you can also find her blog - In Case of Bookishness - here! It has book hauls, reviews and lots of fun stuff!


Happy Piranha Candle photos taken by @fearyourex on InstagramThere's too much cool stuff in this Instagram by @fearyourex and that's one of the reasons why we had to give her a shout out! 

These knitted Yoshis are just too cute and the Zelda sword is pretty awesome too!

Thisbookstagram features our Lon Lon Ranch Pink, Aloy the Huntress (Horizon Zero Dawn) and Yoshi's Long Island Iced Tea scented candles - a good mix!

Nicole is another Instagrammer who fits in a lot of colour and depth to her pictures by taking them in different locations.

We always appreciate the ones with her Cat and Dog in too - they seem to be super photogenic - natural Instagram stars!

You can also find @fearyourex on Twitter here .


Unicorn Tears scented candle by Happy Piranha, photo by @linaslibraryYes the title of this blog was 9 instagrammers but we couldn't miss @linaslibrary!

if you haven't seen Lina on Instagram you should check her out - she has lots of cool bookish photos with Pop and Funk figures we're jealous of.

It was a hard choice for us in terms of which of her photos to choose, but we went for this one with our Unicorn Tears scented candle as we love the purple theme and it's one we don't see as many photos of. We also love the 'We are okay' book spine - who isn't okay when there's some unicorn in your life!?

Lina also took a cool red themed photo of her Katniss Everdeen Funko and our Hunger Games Mockingjay Girl on Fire inspired candle a little while ago which we love too!

Keep it up @linaslibrary!

There's many more!

That's it for this series of blogs but we know that there's tons more of our Instagram friends and customers who we'd like to shout out, so keep up the #happypiranha and we'll make sure to in the future!

We already have another load of you lined up we want to share some love with!

If you didn't see the others you can read part 1 and part 2 of the Instagrammers We Love Right Now blogs here.

If you like this kind of blog let us know. We have some ideas for other themed ones about shops, bloggers and photographers we love coming up in the future, so watch this space!