9 Instagrammers We Love Right Now Pt2 [Pictures]

9 Instagrammers We Love Right Now Pt2 [Pictures]

Here's 9 Instagrammers We Love [pt2]

We're always taken aback by the pictures our friends and customers take on Instagram, so we want to try and share the love! Here's another 3 out of 9...out of just some of the.. Instagrammers we love right now.

Remember to keep using the #happypiranha so we can see them and share them with our friends, on our social media and in our gallery!  If you don't have Instagram you can also find us on Twitter and Pinterest!


Polyjuice potion scented candle by happy piranha, photo by @novelhearbeat@novelheartbeat has a lot of cool images on instagram and this is one of our favourite - our Polyjuice Potion scented candle, inspired by the potions of Harry potter.

We love the Chamber of Secrets vibe going on here with the Hermione funko and eery 'enemies of the heir beware' writing on the wall.

You can check out Jessi's Instagram here  - if you like bookstagrams give her a follow. She's a fellow candle maker too!

Jessi also blogs at novelheartbeat.com with book reviews, book hauls and crafting endeavors - check it out!

You can also find her on Twitter!

Thanks Jessi for your kind words and support to date and keep doing what you're doing, we love it!

You make us Happy Piranha's.


Zelda, Amortentia and Lunar lights candles photographed by @adoreabookYou can usually recognize @adoreabook's instagram by the vibrant, colourful flower arrangements she uses in the background that make her images pop out! You can find them here.

She has a lot of great pics so we just chose one with the most candles in, because more candle is never a bad thing!

This one of hers features our Amortentia Love Potion, Lunar Lights and The Skyloft scented candles, inspired by Harry Potter, Cinder the Lunar Chronicles and Nintendo's the Legend of Zelda.

As well as bookstagramming Marwa blogs at adoreaobok.com. Check it out for book reviews and recomendations, book hauls and unboxings and monthly wrap-ups!

Keep it up @adoreabook,

We always look forward to your posts!


Harry Potter Candle 3 set by @abookodyssey@abookodyssey always has interesting compositions in her bookstagrams which we love.

This one of our Harry Potter inspired scented candle 3 set caught our eye due to the mix of colours and overlapping objects.

We like the flowers, books and candles poking in from the edge of the image.

You can find Filipa's instagram here. If you like Harry Potter and other such bookstagrams, it's a great one to follow for some vibrant, bountiful images that always have book covers or props in we wish we owned ourselves!

Good choice on the Polyjuice, Chocolate Frog and Amortentia Candles Filipa - they're firm favourites and thanks again for all your amazing images and support!

There's More!

We'll shout out another three of our favourite instagrammers sometime next week. If you haven't seen the first three you can do so here.

Of-course - there's a fair few more than just 9 of you guys who we really appreciate and admire, so we'll do some more posts like this in the future as we want to share the love and let you guys know that you make us Happy Piranha's!

Keep doing what you do - keep blogging, keep writing and keep taking photos!