9 Instagrammers We Love Right Now Pt1 [Pictures]

9 Instagrammers We Love Right Now Pt1 [Pictures]

Here's 9 Instagrammers We Love

We absolutely adore all of the cool pictures our talented friends and customers take on social media and there's no place better than Instagram! Here's 9 Instagrammers we love right now.

There's loads of great photographers and bookstagrammers we want to showcase, so do not dismay if you're not on here - we'll try and do this more often. Keep taking those photos and remember to use the #happypiranha hashtag so we can add you to our gallery!  


Our Harry Potter inspired  Amortentia love potion scented candle by reviews from a bookworm@reviews_from a bookworm (@reviewbookworm on Twitter) was the first person to buy a candle from our own online store - happypiranha.com, so this seemed rather fitting!

If you haven't checked out Charnell's instagram you should  - she has one of the most organised bookshelves we've seen, plus a bajillion cool funkos!

If you like book reviews and such, you can find her blog here. She also has some giveaways upcoming so watch this space! 

We love her pic of our Amortentia Love Potion scented candle, inspired by Harry Potter!


Our Kalusian Sunset scented candle by @realitysabore@realityisabore is another instagrammer who's support hasn't gone amiss - thanks Alisha!

This recent pic of our Kalusian Sunset scented candle she took is just one of her many we love! This candle featured in the February Fairy Loot Box - Our first Bookish subscription box collaboration!

You can find Alisha's Instagram here. If you like bookish pics and candles its a feed to follow! Alisha is also pretty active on Twitter.

Alisha also blogs and book reviews - check them out!

Alisha is a self declared book enthusiast, movie lover, history geek, actory type person and young author oracle - she certainly likes all the good things!

Happy Piranha's girl on fire mockingjay print by @reading_into_worlds


@reading_into_worlds is another first on this blog as she was the first person to buy one of our art prints!


We love the composition in her picture of our Mockingjay 'girl on fire' art print here, inspired by the Hunger Games.

It also has some harry potter loot in there so what's not to like?!

Larissa is an awesome bookstagrammer - you can find her on Instagram here. If you like pictures of books (and why wouldn't you?) you should definitely give her a follow.

@reading_into_worlds is a Gryffindor (you can tell by the scarf!) and lives in Germany.

You can also find Larissa on GoodReads.


But it says 9!?

We have a million people we want to show off but we also know that too long posts make people bored!

We'll be posting the other four awesome instagrammers in a few days in the second part of this blog.

We'll also try and do more like these to showcase all you amazing people, so keep taking photos, keep tweeting and instagramming and keep being a Happy Piranha!

Make sure to use the #happypiranha so we know and as always feel free to contact us through our website or social media

or email josh@happypiranha.com or sam@happypiranha.com