6 Bookish Fandom Shops You Need to Know About [Pictures]

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6 Bookish Fandom Shops You Need to Know About [Pictures]

Here's 6 Bookish Fandom Shops you Need to Know About

There's some talented crafters of unique bookish fandom merchandise out there. Here's a few of our favourite shops.

Bookish Fandom shops have some of the most unique, creative and awesome loot out there, celebrating the amazing worlds and stories created by our most cherished of authors. Here's just six of some of the many we've discovered on Instagram and Etsy; from bookmarks to sleeves, to miniature charms and more!

Till and Dill

Till and Dill Galaxy water paint bookmarks

If you're an avid reader, you'll want a good bookmark - you probably have lots, and these ones by Till and Dill will definitely give you the urge to buy more!

Based in Amsterdam, Till and Dill craft colourful water paint bookmarks using their own unique design and styles. Some feature their interpretations of characters from our favourite books and others are just damn pretty to look at such as these galaxy ones! They also make postcards and prints.

You can find Till and Dill's store on Etsy here and they're also on Instagram and Twitter too!


MyBookZleeves create colourful protective sleeves for you books!Some special books are precious to you and it's imperative you keep them safe!

If you take your books with you in your bag or on your travels, it's easy to scuff them up  and we wouldn't want that. Luckily MyBookZleeves has a cozy and very fashionable solution!

MyBookZleeves crafts handmade book sleeves in a variety of awesome fabrics inspired by and based around your favourite fandoms. You can find their store here on Etsy and can follow them on Instagram here.

You can tell that Zainab's products are made with love and care - you're books will be in safe hands in her cozy sleeves! She also makes some pretty fine charm bookmarks too.



Booknacks - cute, miniature book charms!Ever had a book you've loved so much that you just wish you could carry it around everywhere with you? Or do you have so many books you feel that way about that it would be an impossible burden - and a bit awkward to do so? Booknacks has a solution!

Booknacks shrink your favorite books in to the tiniest, cutest little charms so that you can keep your favourite reads close by!

They make adorable bracelets, zipper tags, key rings and more. Each design is custom made with care.

We're not sure how they do it, but we think that there's probably some kind of witchcraft and wizardry involved! What book would you like to shrink?

You can find Booknacks on Instagram here.    

The Soap Librarian

Bookish bubblebath by The Soap LibrarianWho likes to read in the bath? We do! How do you make your reading experience even more immersive? Submerse yourself in it of-course! That's what The Soap Librarian can help you do.

If you want to indulge in a little more than just a good book, The Soap Librarian craft and sell literary bath products inspired by bookish fandoms.

You can find their tea bath salts and bookish bubblebath store on Etsy here and follow them on Instagram here.

Do you read in the bath? What's your favourite genre to read while relaxing in the tub? Just make sure you don't get lost in your book and let the water go cold!

Bookish Teas

Bookish Teas - handmade blends to compliment your book!What better way to enjoy a good book than with a nice warm cup of tea by your side? Or in the bath, with a cup of tea?

Being based here in the UK, we're partial to a good cuppa and Bookish Teas can satisfy that urge!

Bookish Teas craft hand blended tea mixes, thoughtfully tested and selected to compliment your favourite books.

Each tea is a unique blend and some of them even come with extra surprises such as edible glitter, sugar pearls and gold leaves!

Tea is tea? No say Bookish Teas, and we're happy to agree! You can find their store here and follow them on Instagram here too!

Happy Piranha

The Iron Fleet, a Game of Thrones inspired scented candle by Happy PiranhaSo there's just one more thing to get the atmosphere going while you sit down with your book - a scented candle, and that's what Happy Piranha has for you!

You're in the bath with your book themed bubblebath, sipping your bookish tea, you've taken your favourite book out of its lovlingly crafted sleeve to keep it safe, set aside your bookish charm and removed your colourful bookmark so that you didn't lose your place... now it's time to go the extra mile and light up your bookish fandom inspired scented candle!

That's where Happy Piranha come in! We create unique scented candles to compliment your favourite books. The labels are hand drawn by Josh before being coloured in Illustrator and the wax and scents hand mixed and made in Cornwall.

You can find our store here and follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

So, it's time to sit back. relax and dive into your favourite book, or pick up where you left off and afterwards, check out these awesome bookish fandom stores!